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Ad Hoc Schedule Changes

Periodically minor changes to an Employee’s schedule may be required such as when two employees switch shifts or when you want an employee to work a different shift for one week only.

  1. Log into Synerion Enterprise.
  2. Click on the Scheduling tab.

  1. Click on Employee Management.

  1. Select the length of schedule to display and the dates you wish to make the change for.

  1. Select the employee when he/she comes up then click off the window to apply the filter.

  1. You may use the Template drop-down to change the entire week or you may change individual days.

Note: if you don’t see the Template drop-down click on the Columns button beside the date field. On the window that pops up check off Template and click OK when finished.


If changing Individual days double click on the day, change the hours and click OK. Repeat for each day to be changed.

  1. Changes will appear in bold until you save. Once finished with all changes click Save.

Updated on March 24, 2020

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