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11.14 Release Notes

Single Sign On (SSO) Support with Azure Active Directory (AD) – BETA

  • New SSO Framework based on OpenID Connect
  • Supported in Agile, ESS and Mobile app
  • Beta customers only
  • Additional costs may apply for existing customers

  Ultima 200 – Costing Integration for facial clocks

  • Supports Department Allocation (DA) and 6-Level Job Costing with Ultima Clocks
  • Web services integration to download departments and jobs periodically and to submit costing punches

Accrual Summary Excel Report

  • Uses Future Balance Calc (FBC) to estimate accrual balance
  • Shows future and past absences, accrual deposits and withdrawals

Employee Timecard Status – Work to Schedule Status

Use case: Customer has a rule where employees don’t punch but work to schedule but want to know their status

Show “Work to Schedule” status similar to “Timesheet” status

If employee does punch on a W2S rule, the status will display more accurate In/Out status

7th Day Rule California – Ability to Limit by Overtime Period

Use case: In California, employees get overtime on the 7th consecutive day worked, in a rolling fashion

New sys setting “567thDayBoundByOTPeriodDates[Enabled for new customers / Disabled for existing]

When enabled, limits the 567th day rule by the overtime period

Mobile Punch – Use Separate Feature / Permission

  • Separates mobile punching permission from the web punching permission, allowing customers to disable Mobile punching if they want to enforce use of an IP Whitelist
  • New feature “Mobile Punch” and corresponding permission “FeatureMobile Punch

    • For existing customers: assigned to the roles with WebPunch permission

Absence Request / Employee Calendar – Option to Block Cancellation of Approved Absence Request

  • Use case: Prevent employees from cancelling approved requests since the manager may have already made plans assuming the employee’s absence
  • New sys setting “AbsenceRequest.ESS.AllowCancelAfterApproved” (default = Yes)

When disabled, prevent employees from cancelling approved absence requests

Updated on May 2, 2022

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