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Release Notes- Nov 2019

COREHR improvements

New COREHR reports in analytics

Canned analytics have been added so customers can do analysis based on HR fields. View seniority by department, age of employees, view training (assuming extended corehr is deployed).

Quick and efficient access to various types of employee data that can be classified by: department, role, profession and/or any other employee-related data managed within the employee’s records. We can compare numbers of employees, average seniority and average age including drill-down into single-employee data.


If you have extended CoreHR, further analyses can be generated about qualifications, training, education, compensation, benefits given to employees and more.

New COREHR employee summary window

A new summary window exists to show employee picture, employee id, phone number and email

Drag and drop documents

Drag and drop documents from the desktop into COREHR !

Quickly switch to relevant screens from COREHR including attendance


Integration Improvements

Import TC levels (order/batch/part/process), employees valid jobs, payroll-related benefits, absence balances – opening balance, employee-lookup tables, professions, sort codes and more. The process can be scheduled and an alert can be issued in the event of an integration error.

Punch API

Employees can now use a third party device to clock in and out to Synerion. In/Out punches can be carried out using a secured API. For further details, please contact the customer account manager.

Privacy Update

Get employees to sign off on Synerion privacy policy. Applies only for employees or users with access to the Synerion system


Callback punches in mobile / self-service screens

Employees will be able to punch in to call-backs using the application, including location reporting .


Absence Management

Editing an approved absence request

In cases where the period of a planned absence needs to be shortened and the request was approved, a feature has been added that enables the editing of an absence request. This way, the employee does not have to cancel the original request and submit a new one.


Shift Trading

An employee who is scheduled to a shift may submit a request to change his/her shift: The Employee requests to drop the shift, and other qualifying employees may pick them up. The changing of the shift takes place after their manager has approves the change. The process is simple, effective and easy, and can be executed by using the mobile up or via the web.

Employee based scheduling enhancements

Adding shift-color in the screen as well as the wall report, which helps the user better understand the overall picture and easily identify the shift.

In addition, the phone number was added as a separate column – in order to contact the employee/find a replacement when required and more.

Schedule “wall” report enhancements

Planned absences for that week, such as vacation, training, etc., in order to provide the department manager, the overall picture.

Budgeted Hours – Add Line

Control Panel

Control panel customization

The control panel enables the display of analytics data in order to gain a wider picture of the department/company. This feature allows selecting a display of one of the analytic graphs e.g. attendance/costing data/most changed etc.

Bug Fixes

ID Title Module
145121 CoreHR config – Save as – Go back – English tabs are shown in French Admin
145127 Employee Screen Config –>Edit ‘Active in Scheduling’ field–> Field data is not shown, Synonim fields are R/O Admin
145125 CoreHR config – Tab names in Fields area are shown in French, regardless on which language the user logged-in Admin
144324 Unable to see Abs requests in IT51 Clocks Clock
147447 User gets the punches screen although he is not allowed Mobile / Self Service
148026 Generating TC – Default Daily Activity Report By 2 Levels report crash the application pool – RTCDAYA Reports
147915 User duplication issue Admin
147360 After importing, some details are not written correctly to LAUDIT table (systime timezone, reascode) Admin
148819 Run Automatic tracks creation command – New tracks are not created Scheduling
148879 Employee – SQL 2100 error Scheduling
148718 When manager approves partial abs request of employee, all the employee assignment is deleted Scheduling
148649 issue with Stat Admin
148842 issue with SALDAY Admin
149236 Issue with BA report – displays incorrect data when there is no BA record, it displays the next absences data in the wrong absence code? Admin
150240 SBO – Sort0 lookup is case sensitive Admin
148991 Master Adapter – Valid Job – When importing valid jobs more than once, the services cache are not updated with the new valid jobs Admin
149337 Self Service – Chrome – Impossible to set 12:XX PM to both attendance and TC punches Self Service
149911 SalDay- Issue with Attachments in Salcode in Attendance (Time zone issue) Attendance
150024 Self Service – Punches – The MRU list is not updated properly when using the punches screen Self Service
65016 MA – CSV – If id is alphanumeric, lookups should not be case sensitive (PSD, Sort0-4…) Admin
150561 Self Service – TC – When setting decimal value to quantity field with 3 digits after the dot, the value is saved as 0  Self Service
147716 Master Adapter – ADP – After setting Organization ID, validation message “Retrieving ADP client credentials failed” is displayed Admin
Updated on September 10, 2020

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